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Farmers State Bank of Western Illinoi(309-334-2802)
Rodgers Charles K(309-375-6428)
Rohweder Jeff(309-375-6688)
Rohweder Paige(309-375-6688)
Stone Kevin L(309-375-6946)
Barry Kimberly(309-341-4609)
Creason L(309-375-6398)
Strom Jon S(309-375-6385)
Worrel Kenneth(309-375-6294)
Cross K(309-375-6377)
Berg Sherry(309-375-6743)
Jimmy's Pizza Lounge(309-375-6482)
Wataga Depot(309-375-6424)
Wataga Municipal Building(309-375-6910)
Wataga Village of(309-375-6910)
Mahnesmith John Jr(309-375-6734)
Spoon River Fs Inc(309-375-6904)
Country Club(309-375-5231)
Country Club The(309-375-9918)
Meyer Theresa(309-375-6796)
St Aloysius Church(309-375-6835)
Casey's Carryout Pizza(309-375-6597)
Casey's General Store(309-375-9920)
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