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Alford I(618-452-2495)
Sipes Ronda(217-532-2499)
Ondrey Michael A(217-532-3873)
Colwell Dean(217-532-6792)
Colwell Donna(217-532-6792)
Thomson Marc C(217-532-6306)
Singleterry Greg(217-532-2128)
Singleterry Sandy(217-532-2128)
Hallers Carl(217-532-2526)
Ellsworth Amanda(217-532-3489)
Ellsworth Kelly(217-532-3489)
Jones John R SR(217-532-3436)
Keith Clarence R(217-532-3011)
Campbell John W Jr(217-532-2489)
Payne Mary L(217-532-5856)
Hamby Donald(217-532-3726)
Allen Clinton(217-532-5645)
Allen Jennifer(217-532-5645)
Duncan Dann A(217-532-2989)
Manzer Dionne(217-532-7992)
Manzer Ken(217-532-7992)
Turner Joel(217-532-6135)
Turner Shirlene(217-532-6135)
Miller Judy(217-532-6583)
Miller Matt(217-532-6583)
Dobrinic Bryan(217-532-3597)
Dobrinic Vern(217-532-3597)
Smith Tracy(217-532-6590)
First Baptist Church of Taylor Springs(217-532-2627)
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