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Bree Bernard(309-247-3266)
Tomlinson Susan(217-322-6768)
Morrell J D(217-322-4068)
Morrell Mary(217-322-4068)
Royer Albert J(217-322-2125)
Winston Mike(217-322-4401)
Keck Rissa(217-322-3397)
Phillips Carol(217-322-6260)
Phillips Danny(217-322-6260)
Chase Kathy(217-322-3871)
Orr Dennis(217-322-6544)
Trone Sally(217-322-2670)
Trone Steve(217-322-2670)
Mangold James Jr(217-322-4799)
Millslagle Johnie(217-322-4843)
Lisenbee William(217-322-3093)
Shouse Daniel G(217-322-2535)
Reeder Lawrence(217-322-6647)
Michel M(217-322-3559)
Morrell Melissa(217-322-4959)
Manley Lucas(217-322-3616)
Campbell R(217-322-6515)
Ellis Dean(217-322-4239)
Amoco Pipe Line Co(217-322-3126)
Assembly of God Church(217-322-4931)
Barnewolt Brent(217-322-6382)
Billingsley Bruce(309-257-2372)
Boyd Bill(309-257-2382)
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