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Adams Barbara(618-432-7735)
Howell Barbie(618-775-6335)
Howell Claude Jr(618-775-6335)
Charlton Mark(618-775-8550)
Ireland Edith(618-775-8237)
Smith Anna(618-775-8888)
Smith John(618-775-8888)
Loyd Sandra(618-775-8146)
Rinehart Darrell(618-775-6696)
Nix Vicki(618-775-6072)
George Douglas(618-775-8580)
Walker M W(618-775-6113)
Duncan Gayla(618-775-6315)
Friend Steve(618-775-8227)
Phelps Roger(618-775-6522)
Lundgreen Shelly(618-775-6685)
Davis Jeanette(618-775-8801)
Quick Bill(618-775-6462)
Quick Mary(618-775-6462)
Murphy Janet(618-775-6256)
Wutzler Bill(618-775-8524)
Oneil Thomas(618-775-8503)
Stewart Marie(618-775-6613)
Ingles Burl(618-775-8306)
Decker Donald R(618-775-6264)
Thompson Amy(618-775-8143)
Thompson John(618-775-8143)
Young Dale(618-775-8861)
Anderson Chuck(618-962-3282)
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