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Baker Camille(217-948-5294)
Humboldt United Methodist Churc(217-856-2369)
Hicks Patricia(217-856-3835)
Aleshire Craig(217-856-2247)
Pearcy Heather(217-856-2247)
Coon Bob(217-856-2318)
West J D(217-856-2167)
Shanks David(217-856-3578)
Wallace Harold(217-856-2170)
Wallace Judy(217-856-2170)
Poorman Joe(217-856-3871)
Severson Alan D(217-258-6777)
Overholt James L(217-235-4973)
Foran Bill(217-856-2312)
Foran Susan(217-856-2312)
Harris M A(217-856-2309)
Poorman John(217-856-3582)
Walker Charidy(217-258-6430)
Walker Linnie(217-258-6430)
Moore John F(217-235-1473)
Eaton Justin(217-235-2216)
Smith Betty(217-235-2216)
O'dell Wayne(217-234-4942)
Hart Linda(217-235-0579)
Hart Mark(217-235-0579)
Frederick Mark(217-234-6290)
Mfred's Speaker Shop(217-234-6290)
Bowe Kim(217-234-8792)
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