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Albers Gene(618-539-3685)
Childs Frank(618-859-3406)
Childs Helen(618-859-3406)
Chrisman Violet(618-859-3121)
Cutting Edge Stump The(618-859-3247)
Dufrenne Robt E(618-859-3921)
Dunning James N(618-859-9045)
Eastwood Randy L(618-859-3045)
Eggemeyer Fankie(618-859-5022)
Feaman Ione R(618-859-2721)
Fink Graydon(618-859-3504)
Fink John(618-859-2563)
Fink Richard(618-859-4022)
First Baptist Church of Ellis Grove(618-859-2742)
First Baptist Church Parsonage(618-859-3771)
Fries Lawrence(618-859-5161)
Gossage Robert(618-859-3771)
Grove The(618-859-5211)
Grove the Restrnt(618-859-5211)
Hasemeyer Clyde(618-859-3941)
Hicks Joyce(618-859-3190)
Hoenig Morris(618-859-9016)
Hooten T R(618-859-3265)
Jackson Harry M(618-859-2972)
Jackson Mike(618-859-5071)
Kane Hill Construction(618-859-4611)
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