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Vance Jack A(217-422-5860)
Beatty Robt E(217-428-3506)
Josserand John L(217-428-9509)
Crews E A(217-422-5028)
Worley Leon M(217-422-3592)
Knowles Terry L(217-422-0157)
Wilson Chas(217-422-2635)
Colbeck Katrina(217-422-6728)
Colbeck Matthew W(217-422-6728)
Miller Jesse Jr(217-422-7396)
Knierim Joni(217-422-5810)
Knierim Robt(217-422-5810)
Kater Paul(217-422-6406)
Edwards Joyce(217-428-2296)
Edwards Richard(217-428-2296)
Zimmerman Max(217-429-7544)
Daugherty Wm L(217-428-0070)
Brown Steven(217-428-9381)
Brown Steven S Rev(217-428-9381)
Walker Jas R(217-865-2947)
Neihart D R(217-865-2480)
Neihart R T(217-865-2487)
Allen Andrea(217-865-2123)
Allen Mike(217-865-2123)
Hawthorne Elgin(217-864-4609)
Camp Warren(217-864-9914)
Churches of God in Illinois State(217-864-3263)
General Assembly Church of God in Il(217-864-3263)
Ray Tracy(217-864-2571)
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