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Alexander Brett(309-627-9036)
Repp Ernest(309-465-3550)
Prain Jon(309-465-3949)
Frakes Roy(309-465-3092)
Horton Claire(309-465-3597)
Stevens Edwin(309-465-3466)
Stevens Jane(309-465-3466)
Davis Martha(309-465-3996)
Davis Royce(309-465-3996)
Avon City of(309-465-7596)
Heap Ed(309-465-9229)
Heap Heather(309-465-9229)
Carlston Joel(309-465-6768)
Carlston Rhonda(309-465-6768)
Homer Brett(309-465-7803)
Voorhees Rick(309-465-6779)
Ward C S(309-465-9263)
Dowell Wm(309-465-3263)
Staggs George H(309-465-3908)
Stull Florence(309-465-7213)
Stull Tim(309-465-7213)
Anders Loren(309-465-7070)
Anders Marie(309-465-7070)
Coupland Anthony(309-465-9308)
Easley Robert(309-465-6586)
Lawson Phil(309-465-7636)
Lawson Valerie(309-465-7636)
Smith B J(309-465-3560)
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