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American Legion Hall Assn(217-678-7121)
Keehner Paula(217-288-9601)
Ennis Donald(217-288-9409)
Warters Dean(217-288-9360)
Rowand Scott(217-288-9286)
Elmore Jos(217-288-9264)
Ruwe Angela(217-834-3419)
Ruwe Don A(217-834-3419)
Morano David(217-834-3216)
Gaylord Don T(217-834-3467)
Courson Loren(217-834-3126)
Smith Charlotte(217-834-3656)
Smith Eugene(217-834-3656)
Carter Jay L(217-834-3112)
Luth Gary(217-837-2254)
Luth P R(217-837-2934)
Adamson Shelby(217-834-3107)
Village of Allerton(217-834-3486)
Adamson Janet(217-834-3543)
State Bank of Allerton(217-834-3022)
Jones Sean(217-834-3083)
Thode Christine(217-834-3600)
Walters Kenneth L(217-834-3048)
Gieker Robert(217-834-3100)
Hockett M A(217-834-3244)
White Bradley(217-834-3721)
White Karla(217-834-3721)
Richardson D L(217-834-3502)
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